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Toxy News:

July, 22nd to Aug., 9th 2024:

We are on company summer holidays.

We are on company holidays until August, 9th, 2024. We wish you some nice recumbent trips in your summer holidays as well!

Just send us your email, configuration & orders and we will reply as soon as we´re back in the office.

All incoming orders will be shipped from August 15th. See you soon!




Toxy webshop special offer Recumbent, trike, cargo & folding bike components webshop offer

Summer parts for recumbent, folding & cargo bike & trike:

Toxy webshop special offer

For some weeks, our warehouse has been filling up with the "Summer Collection" 2024: Toxy mesh seat, various Schwalbe tires and spares for your recumbent bike, cargo bike, folding bike or trike ... And many more special offers from our range of accessories to prepare you for a relaxed summer touring season. - Just visit our webshop!


Visit our Toxy recumbent bike configuration webtool:

Create & order your personal Toxy online right now!

Design your personal Toxy recumbent online now! Many smart features help to configure your Toxy model precisely according to your desires & requirements. Until Sept, 30th, you will even receive your new Toxy recumbent, powder coated with your custom colour. Enjoy creating & riding your Toxy!

Ride all year with Marathon GT365 Schwalbe-Marathon-GT_365_Four-Season-tire_Allwetter-Reifen_ 20-zoll

Schwalbe´s 4season recumbent tire available now:

Ride all year with Marathon GT365

We are really looking forward to Schwalbe innovations at Eurobike: Enjoy our wide range of tires for recumbent & folding bikes.

Marathon GT e.g., with perfect puncture protection & real allround profile for any surface. Rolling to you soon...

Green Party Solar Trimobil trike across Europe Trimobil solar cargo trike EU-tour arriving in Berlin

June, 18th: Claude Brouir visits Berlin city:

Green Party Solar Trimobil trike across Europe

With his solar Trimobil trike, European green party activist Claude Brouir started in Brussels on May 19th, to visit the founding capitals of European Union: Amsterdam (Saturday, 27th and Sunday 28 May), Berlin (Saturday, 9th and Sunday 10 June), Rome (Saturday, 14th & Sunday, 15 July), Paris (Saturday, 11th & Sunday, Aug. 12th) and Luxembourg (Sunday, August 19th). You can find out more about his motivation, road experiences, press dates and videos on his website...

Due to increasing request, Pinion becomes part of Toxy configuration:

Order your Toxy with Pinion drive now!

Have it pure or as aToxy smart.E rear drive pedelec - we now offer all Toxy models with legendary Pinion drive unit. Prices start from EUR 3570.- (Toxy-CL with Pinion C1.12 including 19% German VAT) or 5570.- EUR (as Smart.E pedelec). Any personal configuration available!

Toxy-ZR lowracer special edition `Celeste` Toxy-lowracer_ZR-X_celeste-SE_D-Bianchi-front

Ready for Eurobike start on Aug. 31st., 2016:

Toxy-ZR lowracer special edition `Celeste`

Inspired by Tour de France 2016,we have already designed a breathtaking special edition of successful lowracer Toxy-ZR. Although, we will not be taking part in this year´s Eurobike show, we managed to be prepared for shipping by start of the show: We have already received all the components as well as the first framesets powdercoated with Bianchi celes...

Toxy recumbent bikes coming even more comfortable 2016 Toxy recumbent comfort suspension 2016

We have just developed new rear suspension systems:

Toxy recumbent bikes coming even more comfortable 2016

Recumbent bikes provide comfortable riding. Then think of an even more innovative suspension and pedelec options on demand. Since 2012 we offer our Smart.E pedelec system with all our commuting and adventure recumbent models. Now we have designed a new rear shock concept, fitting to most of our models:

All 2016 Toxy recumbent models, Flite, LT und TT will come with a flip-flop rear shock mount on top of adjustable preload option. So you will enjoy both, more comfort and a quick shock base setup adjustment by only releasing one...

Competitive racing bike Toxy-ZR Toxy ZR racing recumbent wins German dlc series

Toxy-ZR dominates in German DLC as well as European BeND recumbent cup 2015

Competitive racing bike Toxy-ZR

Right at the top: Ralf Golanowsky, German business consultant, wins German DLC 2015 recumbent series for the 2nd time as well as European BeND 2015 series. Right after 2014 he dominates again ... [more]

Trimotours starts service in historic city of Lüneburg Trimobil trike rikshaw pedelec

Special Trimobil rikshaw trike service on tour, starting Sept. 1st

Trimotours starts service in historic city of Lüneburg

Mit drei Strandkorb-Trimobilen und zahlreichen Angeboten ist Anfang des Monats das Lüneburger Dienstleistungsunternehmen Trimotours gestartet. Das Spektrum reicht vom klassischen Rikscha-Service über touristische Sightseeing- und spannende Event-Angebote bis hin zur Seniorenbetreuung auf drei Rädern. Viel Begeisterung...

Right after Eurobike 2014:

Special offer for Toxy recumbent expo models

Currently, we offer different Toxy models from our showroom & exhebition stands 2014 at special offer. All bikes have been used for expo purposes only. Jus have a look and find out ... [more]

Aug., 16th to 19th, 2012

First Toxy Recumbent-Pedelec with bottom-bracket motor unit at ISPO & EUROBIKE 2012

At this year's leading bike shows, you will find the first recumbent pedelecs with efficient bottom bracket drive unit. Sunstar Engineering Company introduces its new Japanese center drive system, which does not ... [more]

Aug., 2nd. to 4th, 2012

Trimobil put to the test at Wacken Open Air 2012

At this year's Wacken Open Air (W:O:A), the world's biggest heavy metal festival, and, with almost 90,000 visitors the biggest open air festival in Germany, there will occure a brand new group 2012, consisting of 4 Trimobiles with their energetic crew...

March, 15th 2012

Toxy innovations 2012: Now available in our Toxy recumbentshop

Get your Toxy ready for spring! Toxy innovations 2012: Now available in our Toxy recumbentshop For example our brand new hydraulic suspension forks with lockout and different stem options for your bike ... [more]

1. You are looking for a recumbent bike or rehab trike? As a special bike manufacturer with our Toxy brand, we have been dedicating to the full suspension recumbent bicycles for 20 years now, which you can use for everyday life, commuting, sports and cycling trips without restriction, compact transport (especially as a practical folding recumbent bike) and just as easy to handle as your upright bicycle. - But much more comfortable. Focussing on riding comfort, our full-suspension recumbent bike models are all now also available as a pedelec (the so-called e-bike). Our recumbent classic Toxy-CL is currently available in the Jubilee design.

2. You prefer a tricycle due to health problems or other reasons, we would be pleased to advise you on the special bicycle products of our colleagues from HP Velotechnik, Ice Trike, AnthroTech and Hase Bikes with appropriate offers for therapy and rehabilitation.

3. Further more, we have developed the Trimobil Trike for many other needs & requirements: A multi purpose vehicle.
You are looking for a family tricycle, kindergarten-taxi or family tandem with 2 plus 2 option? - We offer comfortable seats on the Trimobil up to four small children (-> kindergarten taxi), a powerful pedelec or e-bike drive and up to two independent pedal drives. In addition, a coupling attachment for bicycle trailers or children trailers such as Croozer, Thule, Chariot, Weber and others is standard.
4. Do you need a cargo bike (cargo trike or tricycle), a modern bicycle rickshaw or a velo taxi for rickshaw service or an industrial bike, transport bike or delivery vehicle for your company? - All options are already prepared by the modular equipment system, from universal transport systems for the "last mile" and stacking boxes up to the weather protection. Just configure your Cargo Trike online in our comfortable web configurators.

5. We are more than happy to provide individual solutions, such as collection containers or transport attachments (for example as a municipal vehicle).  Special solutions offer perfect opportunities for the Trimobil as promotional bike and effective advertising vehicle (advertising bike) for marketing & PR with sympathy factor.

6. Versatile equipment options make the Trimobil an ideal rehab bike / safe therapy tricycle with a comfortable reclining or reclining seat position for rehabilitation and integrative facilities as well as an exceptional rental bike or rental pedelec in tourist locations.

7. Trimobil rental stations are currently located near Hamburg, Berlin, the Flaeming-Skate and the Allgäu. Here you can rent Trimobile e.g. for weddings (wedding rickshaw), family celebrations, anniversaries, promotions and corporate events. For the extpansion of this test drive and rental system, we are looking forward to inquiries from interested parties for the rickshaw rental from the regions of Vienna, Innsbruck, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Berne, Zurich, Paris, Madrid, Lisboa, Porto, Canary Islands, Helsinki, Stockholm, London, Dublin, Sydney, New York, Boston, San Francisco and various cities and holiday destinations all over the world.  We are looking forward to hearing from you, we are happy to advise you and offer the right Trimobile also to our bike-leasing conditions.

8. Maintenance-friendly bicycle technology and the comfortable ergonomics of the Trimobil are based on 20 years of experience of Toxy Liegerad GmbH in special bicycle construction made in Germany. Professional ergonomic reclining seats with comfort cushions ensure pedeling efficiency and comfort also on bike trips and on bicycle holidays. Hydraulic Magura MT disc brakes with 203mm brake discs, busch + muller diode headlights and two LED rear lamps with parking light function, Shimano hub dynamo, "unflatable" Schwalbe Marathon plus tires, special SKS muguards and parking brake are already standard. "SRAM" (iMotion T3 and DualDrive transmission), Nuvinci (stepless transmission hub N360), Shimano (Nexus 7-speed hub or Deore chain shift) or the legendary Rohloff Speedhub 500/14 are available for the smooth drive. All these components ensure excellent cycling pleasure and the maintenance options at every modern bicycle workshop of your choice.

9. Visit us at a desired date or for a whole relaxing recumbent experience weekend for a detailed consultation with an impressive test ride on one of the nearby cycle paths through the Holsteiner Auenland north of Hamburg. On low-traffic roads, cycle tracks or forest paths, test your favorite model and order it individually according to your personal preferences and wishes.

10. Also visit us in the web any time at our informative sites ( & as well as our recumbent bike webshop and configuration tools, where you can choose and order your individually customized Toxy bike or Trimobil Trike according to your personal wishes & requirements. Worldwide delivery to most countries.