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We are about to moving our company...

These summer holidays, we are abou to move our company. Starting August 1st, 2013 you can visit us at our new location: Bokeler Str. 3, D-25563 Wrist/Holstein.

Our touristic area in the North of Hamburg is quite easy to reach, both by train and car, and offers Trimobil & Toxy test rides directly at two of the most popular cycle routes in Germany.

While moving, our company will be closed from July 17th to 31st. We try to ship all orders incoming until July 5th before we will be moving.

We hope that telephone and computer network communication could be switched without any interruption. If, however, we should temporarily be unavailable, please try again :-). Our new number have alredy been forwarded: Please call 0049-4822-9457411.