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  Leichter, steifer Aluminiumrahmen, mehrfach pulverbeschichtet,<br> mit stufenloser Anpassung der Beinlänge (1,65-2,10m). Industriegelagerte Laufräder<br> mit Schwalbe-Reifen Bequeme, ermüdungsfreie Griffposition<br> mit ergonomisch individuell justierbaren Lenkerhörnern. Komfortabel belüfteter Bespannsitz.<br> Alternativ: Ergo-Sportschalensitz. Serienmässige Befestigungsmöglichkeiten<br> für vielfältiges Zubehör. Leichte, steife Alu-Hinterrad-Schwinge<br> im Toxy „8-shape-Design“. Sensibel ansprechende, wartungsfreie Federgabel (einstellbar). Wartungsfreie Aluminium-Federgabel, <br>einstellbar mit 60mm Federweg Steife Hinterrad-Schwinge im „8-shape-Design“<br> mit einstellbarem Federweg bis 135mm.

  • Riding Toxy-CR full suspension recumbent bike
  • Recumbent bike tour on Toxy-CR
  • Toxy-CR full suspension recumbent bike rear lever with adjustable rear shock bottom base
  • Toxy-CR full suspension comfort recumbent equipped for tour & commuting

TOXY CR - Your Comfort-Cruiser

For travelling and relaxing, we have built up your CR!

Experience the new CR with unprecedented comfort: Based on the successful Toxy-LT frame, the sensitive suspension fork now offers 55mm of travel and the rear lever can be mounted up at four settings to a maximum of 135mm of travel thanks to special rear lever with adjustable shock base.

Regarding the assembly of your personal Toxy-CR, just choose from the unique diversity of individual Toxy options to suit your personal needs and requirements.

From the purest city cruiser for the early morning sprint to your office up to a fully equipped Rohloff touring bike with luggage systems and trailer option.

How about the characteristics of your Toxy CR? All suspension rates do not mean pure technical facts, but realize maximum riding comfort, which you will experience on every ride.

About 200 millimeters of overall suspension travel are supported by a lightning-fast response of individually adjustable spring elements: At first prototype testrides curbs up to 50mm height and rough
cobblestones were crossed with at different speed - all enthusiastic test riders were deeply impressed...


Latest CR rear lever design now allows perfect personal rear suspension adjustment: Once turning single screw, suspension bottom base can be moved stepless from hardest position (heavy load) to softest position (maximum suspension travel for perfect riding comfort)!

Light and easy you will manage asphalt and gravel roads with your Toxy CR due to it´s advanced & balanced handling characteristics. Just put your feet up, lean back and relax while starting!

Through the city or off road: Just stay relaxed and enjoy it. You will have never experienced such riding comfort!