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Toxy recumbent bikes coming even more comfortable 2016

Recumbent bikes provide comfortable riding. Then think of an even more innovative suspension and pedelec options on demand. Since 2012 we offer our Smart.E pedelec system with all our commuting and adventure recumbent models. Now we have designed a new rear shock concept, fitting to most of our models:

All 2016 Toxy recumbent models, Flite, LT und TT will come with a flip-flop rear shock mount on top of adjustable preload option. So you will enjoy both, more comfort and a quick shock base setup adjustment by only releasing one screw (eg. when carrying heavy load on luggage racks).

At Toxy-CR with it's 135mm rear wheel travel, you will now have a stepless lever adjustment instead of 4 positions, done as well only by releasing one screw and pushing the lower shock base into your favourite position. You could order coil spring or CNC air shock body.

Toxy-CL, all round classic model since 1995, will keep up conventional rear lever construction.