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  • Mit dem E.Trimobil in voller Fahrt...
  • ...und beim Kurvekratzen.
  • ....Promotion-Bike...
  • Fahrrad-Taxi Trimobil E.Shuttle mit Pedelec-Option
  • Nutzung als Velotaxi mit Werbeverkleidung

Smart. Friendly. Together.

Sustainable mobility with sympathy: Experience the new Trimobil tricycle. Whether as a professional velo taxi, a modern bicycle rickshaw, industrial cargo delivery bike or practical family tandem. In every application the Trimobil does best. Even as a highly effective marketing and promotional bike for mobile outdoor advertising , it offers up to 5 square meters of advertising space and solid carrier plates for many assembly options, eg as a mobile point of sale or info desk. For smart tourism, it is also available as a pedelec with 2 by 2 option and child trailer.

What is that faszinating about Trimobil?

Its project was "modular light vehicle M3". Still a bicycle, compact, quiete and as energy-efficient, it is a flexible, multi purpose vehicle for personal transportation, business and marketing.

With special assembly options, besides passengers, your Trimobil also moves loads of all kinds as well as your positive image.

And above all, it is lot of fun to ride your Trimobil, anyway if pilot or passenger: Sustainable, likeable, together.

Just have a look at the facts & pictures as well as the >>>online configuration & ordering tool to get an idea, of which is your favourite Trimobil and how to bring Tri-Mobility into your life. We would be pleased to receive your order soon and assemble your personal Trimobil!

de/produkte/trimobil/TN_tri_thumb.jpg (27.02.2011)

2 independent pedal-drives + 1 E.Drive (pedelec) option

de/produkte/trimobil/TN_tri_thumb.jpg (27.02.2011)

Up to 650lbs payload or 3 adult passengers

de/produkte/trimobil/TN_tri_thumb.jpg (27.02.2011)

Alternative: family-friendly "2plus2" option with 2 baby seats

de/produkte/trimobil/TN_tri_thumb.jpg (27.02.2011)

Comforatble: adjustable ergo-seats with cushions

de/produkte/trimobil/TN_tri_thumb.jpg (27.02.2011)

Portable: 5 minutes only, down from 25km/h speed to 150x95x55cm size

de/produkte/trimobil/TN_tri_thumb.jpg (27.02.2011)

Up to 1.2 sqm luggage floor at industrial eurobox sizes

de/produkte/trimobil/TN_tri_thumb.jpg (27.02.2011)

Up to 5 sqm mobile & extremely effective advertising space

de/produkte/trimobil/TN_tri_thumb.jpg (27.02.2011)

With just a 95cm width, admitted for cyclepath use in most EU countries

Many print media and TV reports on the Trimobil were faszinated about the outstanding concept. And even German government and European Union support our Trimobil project as an environmental friendly innovation in urban mobility. - Truely made in Germany!

The Trimobil is very smart not only because of its low weight and small dimensions: With only 2.40 m length it is shorter than many tandem bikes and can be parked vertically to save space in the garage. The width of less than one meter allows the use of bicycle paths in many European countries - even with the electric-assisted Pedelec option.

The Trimobil has only little in common with a conventional bicycle-rickshaw or a so-called velo-taxi. Even the classic rickshaw principle "one for all" has had its day off right away: the pedal power is devided between up to three drive trains: two independent pedal drives plus electrical assist. This not only relieves the pilot but also offers a lot of fun to the passenger. True to the Trimobil-principle: "smart, friendly, together."

Also several industry solutions for professional transportation at factories, rental use in tourist areas (Trimobil "E. Rental") and promotional use in large cities are already at the show, including a flexible sales vehicle (Trimobil "POS") with beverage fridge (optional: ice cream box), large cargo area and advertising umbrella. Other options are under development and and for your personal transportation solution, the Trimobil is the ideal and solid platform.

Each Trimobil can be customized with the online configurator and than will be assembled individually. The different equipment options are interchangeable and can be retrofitted later, as required, with a few simple steps, such as when the next market day's purchases and your children (up to four plug-in standard baby seats) should be carried home at the same time.

Join Trimobil and combine the unlimeted possibilities with your positive image & lifestyle!.