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Leichter, steifer Aluminiumrahmen, mehrfach pulverbeschichtet,<br> mit stufenloser Anpassung der Beinlänge (1,65-2,10m). Industriegelagerte Laufräder<br> mit Schwalbe-Reifen Bequeme, ermüdungsfreie Griffposition<br> mit ergonomisch individuell justierbaren Lenkerhörnern. Komfortabel belüfteter Bespannsitz.<br> Alternativ: Ergo-Sportschalensitz. Serienmässige Befestigungsmöglichkeiten<br> für vielfältiges Zubehör. Leichte, steife Alu-Hinterrad-Schwinge<br> im Toxy „8-shape-Design“. Sensibel ansprechende, wartungsfreie Federgabel (einstellbar).

  • Mit dem Liegerad stilvoll ins Office - Toxy Rotation.
  • Ganz entspannt das Liegerad-Panorama geniessen
  • Mit dem Liegerad auf dem Jacobsweg

Toxy-CL the Allround-Classic

Our fully suspended Toxy recumbents are the most sought after bicycles on the market due to one of a kind construction and their super handling.

The Toxy CL was 1995 the first recumbent built with a full suspension and compact alloy frame, that started a whole new class of recumbents. Even today it is the best choice for classic, dependable all purpose recumbent.

Through our proven CAD created frame geometry, designed and manufactured in Germany , combined with innovate bicycle technology we offer you a worry free bicycle that is versatile and dependable.

Based on the ideal allround qualities of a Toxy CL for commuting and touring, over the years, we have extended the range of models as well as accessoiries according to the wishes and suggestions of our customers.

The most important characteristic of our Toxy compared to many competitor models is the instant ability to use our bicycles safely and comfortably in every type of riding situation. You just have to get on the bike, lean back, and start your ride with a smile.

You are using your bike every day and on holidays and require a versatile, low maintenance and comfortable recumbent? Then your Toxy CL is  your reliable and undemanding companion!

Just check out all your options and build up your personal comfort class bike in our Toxy configurator!



TOXY-CL - Technical Data

Technical Data:   Riders hight range:
1,65 - 2,10 m
5,5" - 6'10"
Seat hight:
0,55-0,65 m
21.5-25.5 "
  Wheel size
20” (406)
Seat angle:
37°- 50°
  Over all length:
1,60 - 1,95 m
63-77 "
Bottom bracket bearing:
0,7 m
27.6 "
  Over all width:
0,50 - 0,65 m
19.6 - 25.5 "
Wheel base:
0,95 m
37,5 "
  Over all hight:
1,00 - 1,15 m
39.5-45 "
Front suspension:
52 mm
2.0 "
  Transportation size (without seat, front weel & handlebar):
Rear suspension:
85 mm
3.3 "
Frame weight:
3,7 kg
8.1 lbs
1,75 m
69 "
from 14,7kg
31.9 lbs
0,30 m
12 "
Total load:
150 (45) kg
330 (99) lbs
0,75 m
29 "
Information may vary due to different adjustment.
*Frame weight including drive fork & bearings.