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It does not matter if you are riding your Toxy to work or if you are underway in the Alps , you will always be able to rely on the time proven concept of a Toxy.

With the maintenance free bearings and robust components your Toxy will always get you to where you are going.

The best characteristic of our Toxy is that is built with high quality standard components.

For service on your Toxy we recommend you take it to your  local Toxy dealer where it will be repaired with the proper tools, parts, and knowledge.

If you wish to upgrade the components you can order in our Webshop all the Toxy parts like wheels, tires, and suspension parts.

Your Toxy is designed to be repaired with all the normal bicycle tools, so if you are on tour and a repair is necessary you will be able to go to any properly equipped shop.

If you should require any spare part while underway all over the world, we can ship all parts listed in our webshop to any adress, whether hotel or local bike shop.