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Trimobil put to the test at Wacken Open Air 2012

Trimobil cargo trikes under continuous use at the world's famous heavy metal festival. 

At this year's Wacken Open Air (W:O:A), the world's biggest heavy metal festival, and, with almost 90,000 visitors the biggest open air festival in Germany, there will occure a brand new group 2012, consisting of 4 Trimobiles with their energetic crew ... 

For professional disposal of empty bottles on the almost 270 football fields large area, four Trimobiles with special luggage racks had been ordered recently. In special W:O:A design, cleaning teams all around the clock will collect the bottles of thirsty visitors and remove them to a mobile collection center.

Due to the lightweight, pedal-powered cargo bikes, the event will be once again one step cleaner and safer. This is a major concerns of the W:O:A organization team. If proven, the use of cargo-trikes is already planned for other festivals and outdoor events of equal dimension. 

Trimobil manufacturer Toxy is pleased about this special order: "Here we are having a live demonstration, that our new Trimobil not only does a good job as a friendly family vehicle and a smart velo-taxi in tourism, but as well as is an environmental friendly and economical transportation solution for the industry and logistics," says CEO Arved Klütz. 

The German Toxy recumbent GmbH ( develops and produces innovative, human powered (e-) mobility solutions since 1995. The development of their new Trimobil trike concept with up to 300kgs payload has been promoted by German government and EU as an environmental innovation to reduce carbon dioxide.