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This is the place to get all the information & inspiratioon you need on all of our Toxy models so you can make your choice in putting together your personal Toxy recumbent. Just imagine your Toxy and follow up assembling in our online configuration tool.

TOXY-CL Liegerad Toxy-CL in Komplett-Ausstattung

Recumbent Classic.


  Toxy-CL the Allround-Classic Our fully suspended Toxy recumbents are the most sought after bicycles on the market due to one of a kind construction ... [mehr]

TOXY-CR Toxy-CR full suspension comfort recumbent

Comfort Cruiser.


  TOXY CR - Your Comfort-Cruiser For travelling and relaxing, we have built up your CR!Experience the new CR with unprecedented ... [mehr]

TOXY-LT Toxy-LT fully equipped touring recumbent

Allround Talent.


TOXY LT - your allround talent For a comfortable tour we designed our Toxy LT. With almost the same frame geometry and balanced handling as the classic CL ... [mehr]

TOXY-TT Liegerad Toxy-TT

Silver Spo®t-light.


      TOXY TT -  Silver Spo®t-light. For sports and fast touring, we developed the TT and, for your favour, assemble some nice light weight parts even at serial grade. “Sport-Light” for the Toxy ... [mehr]

Speed Machine.


TOXY ZR - Speed machine Human powered speed ├óÔéČÔÇ╣├óÔéČÔÇ╣is simply fascinating. When it comes that comfortable and efficiently as on a Toxy-ZR, then be aware of addiction. No wonder, that more and more cyclists ... [mehr]

Easy Glider.



Toxy Foldables.

Toxy Foldables

    ... [mehr]

SMART-E Toxy Liegerad SmartE Pedelec

BionX Pedelec.


Smart mobility 3.0


Smart. Friendly. Together. Sustainable mobility with sympathy: Experience the new Trimobil tricycle. Whether as a professional velo taxi, a modern bicycle rickshaw, industrial cargo delivery bike or practical family tandem. In every application ... [mehr]