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Mehrfach pulverbeschichteter Aluminium-Rahmen<br> mit stufenloser Anpassung der Beinlänge<br> (1,65 - 2,10m; Größe „xs“ 1,45 – 1,80m). Individuelle Anpassung der Sitzposition,<br> –neigung und -höhe (ab 50cm);<br> auch beim Schalensitz Optionales Trägersystem für<br> bis zu vier Packtaschen.

  • Family ride on recumbent bike
  • Recumbent bike travelling ride
  • Toxy-LT foldable full suspension touring recumbent - folding commuting bike

TOXY LT - your allround talent

For a comfortable tour we designed our Toxy LT. With almost the same frame geometry and balanced handling as the classic CL this touring recumbent also offers a lower aerodynamic seating position.

With the lower seating position and a second, say smaller frame size available in XS, this bicycle is especially designed for men and women with a height starting at 1,45 m.

According to a review in the magzine “Radwelt” issued by ADFC (the German Bicycle Club) the Toxy LT is the only true recumbent for small people. With the small frame and the low seating position is easier to comfortably mount and dismount the bike and keep it safely upright when not in motion.


Recommended for all cyclists  who want a reliable and comfortable commuting and touring recumbent. With it´s moderate seat height and a balanced handling  "at first ride" the Toxy LT offers both, safe rush hour rides as well as comfortable touring.

 Design your individual Toxy LT according to unique Toxy variety of equipment to suit your personal needs and requirements. And if your requirements should change later, you can easily upgrade the equipment due to the modular Toxy assembly concept.


New: Your Toxy LT with foldable frame

With the new folding option for your Toxy LT, you will not even longer have to deicide between the comfort of a recumbent and the practical advantages of a folding bike. The new Toxy folding option offers you maximum riding comfort where ever you go.

Make it First Class all your way! 

TOXY-LT - Technical Data

Technical Data:
Riders hight range.:
1,65 - 2,10 m
5'5" - 6'10"
Seat hight:
0,50-0,60 m
21.5 - 25.5 "

Size "xs"
1,45 - 1,75 m
19.3 - 23.5 "
Seat angle:
33°- 45°

Wheel size
20” (406)
Bottom bracket bearing:
0,65 m
25 "

Over all length:
1,60 - 1,95 m
63 - 77 "
Wheel base:
0,97 m
38 "

Over all width:
0,50 - 0,65 m
25.5 "
Front suspension:
45 mm
1.7 "

Over all hight:
0,90 - 1,00 m
35 - 39 "
Rear suspension:
85 mm
3.3 "

Transportation size (without seat, front weel & handlebar) :
Frame whight:
3,7 kg
8.1 lbs

1,75 m
69 "
from 14,7kg
from 31.9 lbs

0,30 m
12 "
Total load:
150 (45) kg
330 (99) lbs

0,75 m
29 "

Information may vary due to different adjustment.
*Frame weight including drive fork & bearings.