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  • Toxy auf dem Jacobsweg
  • Toxy auf Weltreise
  • Jacobsweg per Liegerad 2011

On tour

Toxy recumbents have been used in everyday use, on tours, and for expeditions all over the world for more than ten years.

Why you ask? There are many good reasons. First and the most important reason is the reliability and durability of our products. Next there is the superb handling in every situation; unloaded, loaded, or with a trailer. And then naturally there is our Toxy suspension. You will not find another recumbent on the market with a ride like ours. A panoramic view with comfort. That’s what it is all about, the ride, not the hassle.

And if you decide to take a Toxy on a trip in a car, on a train, or airplane we have also made your life easy by designing the Toxy with a compact size and low weight. All you have to do is turn the bar ends and you reduce the width of the bike to just over ten inches without affecting the brakes or shifting.

To meet all of your demands for a high quality touring bike we offer most Toxy models with a complete touring “All Inclusive Package”. We also offer two special models that leave no wish open, even in everyday use: "Miles & Motion" & "Rotation".

As you can see we have thought of everything to make your recumbent ride on your individual Toxy as easy, comfortable and safe as possible. With that said we wish you “happy trails” and can not wait to receive the postcards from your latest Toxy adventure wherever it is in the world.

P.s.: We at Toxy recommend: For a better pedalling efficiency we recommend a clipless pedal. With your feet locked into the pedals you will be better able to use your power allowing you to ride longer distances without wasting your energy on the “dead points”. Although your feet are locked in with a clippless pedal you can unclip yourself fast and easy making them safer than many other pedal systems.