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Ordering and Delivery

You can comfortably order your Toxy in our >>>  Web configuration.

All  the options are well described and have detailed pictures.

If you have any questions, just give us a call or stop by, we will be more than happy to help you make the right decisions.

Your Toxy is built from start to finish by one of our Toxy specialists. From the very first bolt to the time it is picked up our mechanic is with your Toxy every step of the way. It takes us on the average about seven hours to build a Toxy. We take our time to ensure everything is built right so you only have to think about the ride.

The delivery time of a Toxy is about two weeks ( Europe ) from the time we receive the order.


It does not matter if you have your Toxy delivered at home or at an alternative address (e. g. at work), the price stays the same.

Spare parts or accessories? That is not a problem. Order online, by fax, or just call us. With our well stocked warehouse we always have what you need.

Even if you are underway no matter where in the world you will receive what you need. We deliver worldwide.

Naturally you can also pick up your Toxy direct from us in order to save the delivery costs. We will take the time to explain your Toxy to you while you enjoy a cup of coffee.

When you have ordered from your local Toxy dealer they will contact you as soon as your Toxy arrives.