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  • Toxy ZR auf dem Timmelsjoch
  • Toxy ZR Liegerad-Training auf Mallorca
  • Toxy ZR gefaltet im RaceCase

TOXY ZR - Speed machine

Human powered speed ​​is simply fascinating. When it comes that comfortable and efficiently as on a Toxy-ZR, then be aware of addiction.

No wonder, that more and more cyclists and even motorcyclists as well as world record teams (see review in the "TOUR" magazine) switch to a Toxy-ZR: It´s the unique combination of sportive dynamics, rapid acceleration and a perfect riding position, both in racing and sports touring.

The Toxy ZR is a fascinating one of a kind race bike with unbelievable acceleration and top speed. With a rear suspension and a super handling you will always have good traction and unique riding experience even on surfaces that are not paved.

Precise directional stability, easy handling, a small turning radius and an unbelievably comfortable ride recommend the Toxy-ZR for your next bicycle marathon, and, as with the practical aerodynamic rear box, for cycling holidays: 70 liters of waterproof, lockable storage space plus aerodynamics, optimized in one box: high speed over long distances. See more in less time.

These and other smart options and accessories for racing, touring and commuting with your personal Toxy ZR, you will find in the ZR configuration area of ​​our online-shop.

But even in serial assembly, your ZR offers technical refinements such as the light and rigid mono rear lever with sensitive suspension, hydraulic disc breaks, personal adjustability of seat position as well as the 12 years proven front-wheel drive with spherical chain roll: direct, smart and highly efficient.

Honored with multiple awards for outstanding product design, as one of the most fascinating recumbents on the market, your ZR-Toxy will satisfy you with the matchless combination of speed, comfort and style.


Toxy RaceCase - makes your holiday a training camp.

The new Toxy-ZR RaceCase frame version offers all excellent qualities of our legendary ZR which meet all customers’ requests: Maximum speed, driving pleasure, comfort - and now also a compact size handling.

Toxy-ZR RaceCase option comes with a longer mono rear lever (plus 50mm), which allows to fold the rear wheel into the main frame. So it is possible to pack the complete ZR into the rigid hard shell RaceCase, including the seat and all components. – Furthermore there is still enough space left for your clothing, cycling shoes and other accessories.


TOXY-ZR Technical Data

Technical Data:
Riders hight range:
1,70 - 2,10 m
5' 7" - 6' 10"
Seat hight:
0,17-0,25 m
21.5 - 25.5 "

Wheel size
20” (406)
Seat angle:
28°- 39°

Over all length:
1,80 - 2,00 m
70 - 80 "
Bottom bracket bearing:
0,50 m
20 "

Over all width:
0,58 m
23 "
Wheel base:
1,10 m
43.5 "

Over all hight:
0,65 - 0,75 m
25.9 - 29 "
Rear suspension:
80 mm
3.1 "

Transportation size (without seat, front weel & handlebar):
Frame weight*.:
3,7 kg
8.1 lbs

from 12,3 kg
from 27.1 lbs

1,70 m
67 "
Total load:
120 (20) kg
265 (45) lbs

0,30 m
12 "
*Frame weight including drive fork & bearings.
0,70 m
27 "

Information may vary due to different adjustment.