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  Leichter, steifer Aluminiumrahmen, mehrfach pulverbeschichtet,<br> mit stufenloser Anpassung der Beinlänge (1,65-2,10m). Industriegelagerte Laufräder<br> mit Schwalbe-Reifen Bequeme, ermüdungsfreie Griffposition<br> mit ergonomisch individuell justierbaren Lenkerhörnern. Komfortabel belüfteter Bespannsitz.<br> Alternativ: Ergo-Sportschalensitz. Serienmässige Befestigungsmöglichkeiten<br> für vielfältiges Zubehör. Leichte, steife Alu-Hinterrad-Schwinge<br> im Toxy „8-shape-Design“. Sensibel ansprechende, wartungsfreie Federgabel (einstellbar).

  • Mit dem Liegerad auf Reisen
  • Leichtbau am Toxy-TT.

TOXY TT -  Silver Spo®t-light.

For sports and fast touring, we developed the TT and, for your favour, assemble some nice light weight parts even at serial grade.

“Sport-Light” for the Toxy TT means not only a lighter aluminium frame but also an adjustable and extremely light CNC air shock, as well as an ergonomic seat in race geometry, an adjustable suspension fork, Magura hydraulic disc brakes, and a silver metallic powder coating.




Above all, the compact dimensions and low seating position from 430mm offers you the biomechanical effort of an uncompromising racing bike. Due to the potential high speeds we have not only built a more recline seating position from 27 to 42 degrees, but we have also raised the bottom bracket height to 270 mm which is higher than the CL and LT models. For better handling and straight forward orientation especially at high speed, we have also extended the wheel base to 1 meter.

As you can see you will get a bicycle that is a top performer under any requirements.



As an alternative to the lower under seat handlebar steering system, which is our specialty in the area of performance recumbents, we also offer a higher adjustable aluminium handlebar system on our Toxy TT. For longer tours you also have the choice of many different options from our accessory program like the SON dynamo hub or different aerodynamical or touring fairings.

If you wish we will build your Toxy TT not only with the Shimano XT 27 speed but also with the Rohloff Speedhub or the Sram Dual Drive.


p.s.: Further weight and speed advantages on your daily ridese as well as sporting trips, you will achieve by our new Toxy lite-w8 components.