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  • BionX Pedelec System f├╝rs Liegerad
  • LiMn Akkupack - 36V  9,6Ah


Toxy SmartE - Enjoy the electric tail wind!

Toxy Smart-E.
- With the switchable Smart-E drive your daily routes are predictable:
Headwind? Slopes? Morning energy slump? - No matter at all.
You will reach your destination on time.

The Toxy Pedelec concept with powerful BionX drive and the well known comfortable Toxy riding position also convinced the editors of Germanies most popular bike magazine aktivRadfahren. Our Toxy not only achieved the top rating of "very good" award, but also the "Best Buy" statement.

Do you know this really well?
You wanted to get to work by bike all the year each ice- & snow-free day: sporty, climate friendly and relaxed ...

If there not only were this long hill climb, the sudden headwinds and, just today, this important conversation that we should better not start  exhausted at all...

Do you know these and other reasons, finally using the car in traffic jam to get home in the evening, costly and frustrating - instead of celibrating a sunny evening ride and come home relaxed?

The answer is Toxy SmartE, our Pedelec Toxy option for all models with the powerful BionX HTAntrieb. SmartE works, as it´s callled: quietly, almost silently, powerful in pulling and very intuitive to use.

Also really nice regarding power consumption and size, but large in the range due to its high efficiency, four levels of support and the ingenious regenerative braking energy recharge: recharging during braking or driving downhill in the generator mode, the battery gets filled instead of brushing down rims and brake pads!

Technically advanced, innovative, lightweight, maintenance free, reliable and hassle free as the Toxy cycling itself.

 Do not wait any longer and enjoy relaxing Toxyrides even smarter now!

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    Ps: We also support you with this system as a retrofit kit for all Toxy models built since 1998.


    Motor (brushless): BionX PL-250HT SL (48V)

    Controller (proportional):  35% 75%, 150%, 300%
    250 W (650 W max.)

    Generator mode while braking
    9 Nm (40 Nm max.)

    3,8 kg

    Further information:

    ca. 50-100km
    Lightest system of its kind.
    48 V (8,8 Ah)

    Parking brake with PIN-Code.
    420 Wh

    Warranty 2Y. (motor) 1Y. (battery)
    3,1 kg

    V = Volt, W = Watt, Nm = Newton Meter, Ah = Ampere hrs, Wh = Watt hrs, Y=Years