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  • Individuell Farbeahl gem├Ąss RAL


When you know exactly what you want for comfort and quality in a recumbent and will not settle for a bicycle designed by a company that builds a bicycle with their “ideal of the perfect bike” then with us you have found the right address.

Our modular concept allows you to build your “dream machine”. With an unlimited choice of components and accessories you can be your own product manager and build your Toxy to meet your demands and wishes. You can use our Toxy Webshop to build your bicycle or contact us and we will be happy to help you make the right choices so you can have many years of enjoyable riding experiences.

If the time would come that you decide it is time for a change all of the Toxy models are built so any upgrade is possible.

Your anatomy decides the position of the seat and handlebar. Our formed fibreglass seat and our well vented comfortable mesh seat allows you to adjust them in height, inclination, and distance. The same goes for the different handlebar systems.

The suspension fork and rear shock also allow you to adjust them to meet your every riding need.

It is time to look forward to your Toxy. This is a recumbent you design and we build to last, without any compromises.