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Precision down to the smallest detail.

With our ten year guarantee on our Toxy aluminium frames we have set a new standard in the recumbent world.

Even in the smallest detail we feel the need to use the best technology available. Where other companies use galvanized bolts and plastic bushings, we use sealed bearings and stainless steel axles that even after long use have no play. That guarantees a good response of the suspension with little service and a longer life..

We only use components and accessories on our bicycles that are proven and available everywhere. That helps you to keep your Toxy on the road without long waiting periods for the right part, especially when underway...

With innovative CAD technology for the new Toxy frames we now have a lower, aggressive seat position with better aerodynamics and pedalling efficiency, without having an indirect steering. Our new design also saves on weight and maintenance.

For years we have been designing and building our frames with the help of modern CNC and aluminium technology for compact, light, and versatile bikes. With this technology we can offer a trouble free innovative bicycle that is unique to ride and keeps up with our reputation of building a dependable bicycle that can be used whether you are taking a ride to the office or to North Cape .

The very light and extremely stiff frame with our “8 shape design” pivot and sensitive hydraulic suspension guarantees that, even with the full panniers, you will have a smooth ride with optimal traction and without a bobbing effect .

All our Toxy recumbents are assembled with well known and dependable products from companies such as Magura, Rohloff, Busch & Müller, Schwalbe, Schmidt, and many others that complement the high quality of our Toxy recumbents.